How to Choose a Web Design Company

The Seattle area is full of tech savvy companies claiming to be Seattle web design firms. However, choosing the right company can be confusing. I want to help you understand how to go about choosing the right designer for your next custom website project.

how to find a web design firm

Most people look at web design as something that needs to merely look pleasing to the eye and forget that the main function of the site is to help humans convert into sales. The first thing you need to look for is someone who understands that a good design is important but developing a well-thought out layout for conversion is of bigger importance.

Usually people who are beginner marketers struggle with this concept the most. They think a flashy looking website will make their target market convert better, when most flashy looking website get in the way of the buying process. A web designer should be a conversion rate optimization expert!

Does the Layout fit with good SEO

Your layout affects your SEO. Especially if you’re looking to create a new design from an old website. If you do not come at it correctly, you’re going to ruin the majority of your Search Engine Optimization that you’ve so carefully developed. I’ve seen many professional web developers make this mistake with their clients and then come back to us to fix their problem.

What Type of CMS Are you Using?

Your CMS has a huge impact on your ability to have ongoing communication with people through your website. The easiest type of CMS for on-going marketing is WordPress. Your Agency should utilize a content management system that makes it easy for you (whether you understand coding or not) to quickly market to your target demographic with useful article content and e-mail marketing.

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